Gas Industry Expertise

Thai Metal Product Industry Co., Ltd. has been established for over 20 years. Our long-term experience has led us become an expert in manufacturing LPG Tanks and Gasoline Tanks of various sizes. We’ve highly developed our production process and machines to meet the requirements of all customers in both government and private sectors.


The Highest Standards and Safety Guaranteed

We put great emphasis on adhering to the highest quality and safety standards as well. Our technical supports and design teams carefully control and check the quality of our products along with the third Party Inspectors as well as the official assigned by the Department of Energy Business. Our comprehensive quality control process involves thorough x-ray tests along welding lines, hardness test, and hydrostatic tests with water pressure to guarantee that products are flawless. Our strict quality control and product testing ensure that the standard of product and safety of our work is always consistent so that customers can have confidence in our products with the high quality acceptance.


Quality, Speed and Efficiency

We stay ahead of the competition by using sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery, which is always being controlled by skilled and experienced workers. This supports and ensures that production is made at commitment and of the highest quality. We take a great care in every single step of the production process to guarantee the superior quality that is expected by our customers. Being a highly efficient company, we are able to run production process quickly to meet our commitment to our customers. In order to maximize our customers’ satisfaction and gain reputation, we are not only provide high standard quality products, but we also care and are responsible for after sales service to serve our customers’ need.


Standard & Certificates

EN ISO : 9001 : 2008 Our consistence on continuously developing our production process and improving the high standard.


Each and every product made by Thai Metal Product Industry product Co., Ltd. is guaranteed to be the high standard quality and approved by the Department of Energy Business.

Quality Management

All metal tanks are produced with great attention and care by our technicians, engineers and our quality control process in every step of production – from raw material inspection, cutting, welding and forming, and testing process required by the Department of Energy Business. We guarantee that our products are produced with highly sophisticated machinery that meets international standards, and all of our products are thoroughly tested and checked by third-party unit registered by the Department of Energy Business. Products are fully inspected before being sent out of the factory to ensure that customers will receive the best products and services.



Company Name:

Thai Metal Product Industry Co., Ltd.


25 Million Baht


February 14, 1991 (2534 BE)

Managing Director:

Tada Lertsinsongserm Suchart Lertsinsongserm


150 Staff Member

Main Product:

All varieties of Metal Tanks and Lorry Tanks
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